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Foundry technicians who aim at producing first class quality castings (e.g. motor blocks, boilers, radiators, pumps, gear boxes etc.) use KARL SCHMIDT chaplets.

Chaplets serve to keep the distance between the outer casting mould and the core and to prevent the core rising to the surface of the liquid metal. The chaplets dimensions determine the wall thickness of the casting.

During the casting process the chaplet completely dissolves and integrates with the liquid metal.

For the production of chaplets steel in the form of sheet, strip and wire is used. The final shape of the chaplet is produced by cutting, punching, compressing, bending or welding.

The majority of KARL SCHMIDT chaplets are manufactured with a galvanised tin surface. Tin is a very suitable material due to its low melting point (approx.230°C), its high boiling point 8approx. 2300°C) and its ability to form diffusion areas. The connection between chaplet and castin can be decisively improved with a tin coating.

If necessary, chaplets can also be supplied with a copper coating or made completely of copper, aluminium or other  corrosion and acid resistant materials.


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